Bozeman Friends of Music (BFOM)

is a nonprofit, 501(c)(3) organization.

BFOM raises funds to inspire and encourage student instrumentalists & vocalists in all Bozeman Public Schools.


Bozeman Friends of Music welcomes your donation to further musical opportunities for the students of the Bozeman Public School District. Your donation is fully deductible for federal income tax purposes (though please consult a tax advisor). BFOM is happy to provide you a tax receipt letter. Thank you for your support of music in Bozeman’s schools!

Select the amount you wish to donate:


The Bozeman Friends of Music endowment is a permanent and irrevocable fund from which BFOM may only use the interest earnings. Donors to the BFOM endowment fund create a lasting legacy which will benefit instrumentalists and vocalists in the Bozeman Public Schools for years to come.

To donate to the BFOM Endowment Fund, please click here, print the donation form, and mail it to: 

Bozeman Friends of Music
PO Box 536
Bozeman, MT 59771

Questions about the endowment fund can be directed to [email protected].