Do you have an instrument to sell?
Is there an instrument you want to buy?


Then the annual Bozeman Friends of Music’s Instrument Swap is for you!

September 10, 2022


  • BFOM members are welcome to the Bozeman High School South Cafeteria (off Main Street, next the to the Swim Center) from 11 AM to 12 PM to peruse and buy instruments. To receive this member benefit, sign up for membership now, or sign up in-person (cash or check required).
  • Non-BFOM members are welcome to the Bozeman High School South Cafeteria from 12 PM to 2 PM to peruse and buy instruments.
  • Why should you buy an instrument at the BFOM instrument swap? Because:
    • the instruments are reviewed by local professionals, who will tell you, in-person, anything you need to know,
    • buying at the swap is friendly to your wallet and the environment, and
    • purchases help support BSD7 music students and music programs.
  • All purchases are by cash or check only.
  • All instruments are sold as-is.


  • WANTED: your bell kits, trombones, guitars, harmonicas, trumpets, violins, basses, clarinets, banjos, French horns, etc. to be sold – quickly and easily – to Bozeman-area residents/students.
  • Why should you sell at the BFOM instrument swap? Because:
    • you’re keeping your instrument and transaction local, and
    • you’re supporting Bozeman Friends of Music, a nonprofit that supports music students and music programs in the Bozeman Public School District.
  • Check-in for your instrument(s) is from 8:30 AM – 10:45 AM at Bozeman High School. Please park by, and enter through, the new BHS entrance off North 15th and Ruth Thibeault Way.
  • At check-in, there is a $2.00 cash fee for each instrument.
  • A local professional will discuss the sales price you have in mind.
  • You are then free to leave your instrument and depart.
  • If your instrument is sold, Bozeman Friends of Music will retain 20% of the sales price. You will be mailed a check for the remainder.
  • Any unsold instruments that are not claimed by the end of the day on September 10, 2022 become the property of Bozeman Friends of Music.

The Instrument Swap gets instruments into the hands of Bozeman Public School District students
serves as a fundraiser to support music programs in the district.